Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three Public Speaking Techniques To Improve Your Speeches

Without communication, it would be beyond difficult to get by in our everyday lives. We communicate with one another each and every day but when it comes to giving a speech to an audience, even an audience of our peers and coworkers, we tend to find this a difficult thing to do. Taking the time to learn some simple public speaking techniques can help you overcome such difficulties. This article will offer three public speaking techniques that are bound to help you with any speech you give in the future.

The first technique to improving your public speaking is knowing ahead of time what it is you want to communicate to your audience. This requires considering who your audience is, what it is that you want to communicate to your audience, and how you might best get your message across to your audience. Taking the time to carefully consider the 'what', the 'who', and the 'how' before you begin creating your speech will help you to better communicate with your audience.

The second technique for improving your public speaking is to be prepared. Now that you have taken the time to carefully consider what it is that you want to communicate and how, you need to prepare yourself for success. This is done by taking the thoughts you came up with from the previous step and creating an outline on a piece of paper of what you'll be covering. There's no need to be super detailed about this. You should already be familiar with your topic and as such, a simple outline highlighting the points you will cover should be plenty.

The final technique to giving quality public presentations is keeping the message simple. Most likely, your audience doesn't know a quarter of what you know about the topic that you will be speaking on. In addition to that, you probably won't have near enough time to cover everything that you know either. Therefore, keep it simple. Pick five to seven points that you will want to cover and give enough information where it is understood, but don't overload your audience with information either.

These three public speaking techniques will help you to form a base foundation for improving your public speaking. Think ahead of time what you want to communicate, prepare yourself with a simplified outline of the speech, and keep it simple. These public speaking techniques, when combined, will help you to relax when speaking in front of a crowd of your peers while delivering a quality speech.

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